Cover letter to the travel agency.

Taylor Arsenault
327 Notre Dame St
Summerside, PEI
[email protected]



April 10, 2012


Please accept the enclosed resume as an application for my Community Exploration Placement experience within your place of business.  This placement runs from May 9th – May 18th,  9-11am.  I am interested in the Travel and Tourism industry, and I think I would be a great deal of help.  

I am a friendly person, very upbeat, I am great with people, I know how to manage my time wisely, as I am currently working two jobs.  I am fluent in both French and English, and I am great at organization.  I believe that I could learn a great deal about the Travel and Tourism industry by completing my placement at your place of business.

I am hoping to learn a more about the Travel and Tourism industry, and I hope to learn more about maps and the places in the world that are not fit for travel.  I would very much enjoy learning about the most popular places of travel, and what times of the year are the busiest.

I would just like to thank you for taking the time to consider me for an on the job placement, a Transition mentor will be in contact with you.

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